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I was made to love magic, but I’m no magician. I am fascinated by belief, but I am not a believer. I’m a maker; I make images and sounds.

My training is in visual art. I hold a Master of Fine Arts degree in Painting/Drawing from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY (2012) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing from the University of South Carolina (2008). When I’m not painting or drawing, I am writing and recording music. They will bury me in the studio…. But, death is not the end for art is artifact.

I am originally from South Carolina, and currently live in New York City with my wife Mia and our cat Rusty Venture.

Find me elsewhere:

 Instagram: @mhyder411

 Bandcamp: M. Hyder

Art  |  Noise  |  About  |  Contact

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